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Welcome to Cawdor Hideaways. Please read the following points for your information and safety during your stay.


  • All guests must take care of the Pods and leave them clean and tidy at the end of their stay. All dishes, pans and appliances must be clean and grease-free. Please dispose of oil/grease safely and avoid pouring down sinks.  Please place used bedding into the laundry bags provided.                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • We have a private water supply on site (bore hole) which is maintained regularly and water is safe to consume, we do ask that you run the water through the kitchen tap for a few minutes before use but water is run regularly before check-ins.


  • Recycling – please try to manage your waste using the Blue recycling bin beside the wooden shed which takes Paper, Card, Plastic (no plastic bags) and tins. Glass can be put in the Green Tub or taken to the recycling point at Nairn Recycling Centre towards Nairn. Only toilet tissue should be flushed down the toilet as we have a treatment plant system which needs managed carefully to avoid blockages! Please dispose of all sanitary ware in bins provided.


  • Electrical items must be switched off during the night or when unoccupied. Excessive use of heating/gas may incur additional charges. If you require the underfloor heating controls are by the patio doors, instructions are in cupboard below the sink. Heating should only be used if necessary and should not be left on overnight or when the pod is unoccupied.  Excessive heating use will be charged.  Each pod has a fan which can boost the heating or provide cold air when weather is hot.


  • Occupancy of the pods are limited to the maximum sleeping capacity to comply with fire safety regulations. We must be made aware of any additional guests visiting our site for fire safety regulations also.  Our Fire Assembly point is in front of the wooden shed on site.  An emergency torch is inside each door in the event of a power cut, this will come on automatically. 


  • Dogs must only be present on site with prior arrangement and must never be left unattended in the pod at any time. Dogs should not be allowed on the furniture or on beds.  Owners must pick up after their dog should they mess in the woodland or surrounding area. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on site.  (A bungy cord is available at the Red Squirrel pod).


  • Please DO NOT FEED any of our animals on site or the surrounding farmland, this can cause serious harm to their health.


  • In all our pods we have a No Smoking/No Candles/No chip pan policy.


  • If you are staying more than 2 weeks a fresh change of bedlinen and towels will be provided.   


  • We have the right to terminate occupancy when conditions are not being met or Noise, Nuisance or Annoyance is being caused to others.  We kindly request that quiet time is acknowledged from 10.30pm.


  • Departure – guests are requested to vacate their pod by 10am on day of departure.  Please ensure you return the pod key back into the self lockbox securely.


  • Emergency – in case of emergency please dial 999 or telephone us on 07824 507082. In case of fire or gas leak evacuate pod immediately and collect in car park area outside wooden shed.


  • We the owners are not liable for any injury or death, loss of property, damage suffered by guests or members of your party and belongings. Cars parked are at your own risk during your stay.


We hope you enjoy your stay with us at Cawdor Hideaways and should you need any assistance please let us know.


We can be contacted on 07824 507082.


Enjoy your stay!

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